Engineering Project – CMC Joist & Deck

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CMC Joist & Deck

Pierre Capistran

Partner Mobilis Performa, Inc

(Quebec) Canada H7C 1V2

Dear Pierre:

I want to thank the MOBILIS Performa team for giving CMC Joist & Deck Engineering the tools, methods,and means in helping us improve and a culture that is sustainable to build from as we grow to meet new market challenges.

The MOBILIS methodology of planning, implementing, monitoring, and improving was perfect for our situation. The MOBILIS Team.s commitment to follow it through at every step says volumes of who MOBILIS Performa is. We look forward to your future audits to see how we are doing.

As you know, I did not agree with MOBILIS being hired since we were already on track in achieving a new engineering process to standardize and improve throughput. However, what I did not realize was the commitment and time needed to bring this type of project into best practice. What I also didn’t realize was the people side and the soft skills set needed to be wrapped around the new engineering process and management systems was key for the re-engineering process to be successful. If we had done this project by ourselves, what took eight months to achieve would have taken us over three years. Outstanding!

Andre was wonderful and patient through all of this. His experience to listen first and knowledge base shaped our management system to what it is today. Michel Daigle was also great in his teaching of the management soft skills. His ability to adjust to the management personality allowed him to bring the best out of our Engineering managers and their assistants.

Today, our management team and I are working in concert with OUR engineering process and management systems. We continue to take ownership in these systems and cannot do our job without them. We have changed from an organization that was not standardize in our management practice and tools to monitor and improve to a culture that is consistent in our daily routines that will allow us to continue to grow and improve. This was truly a great experience and one that I have learnt from and will share with others.

On behalf of the CMC Joist & Deck engineering team, I want to thank the MOBILIS Performa team for what they have done for engineering.


Kevin O. Clark,

P.E., SECB Area Engineering Manager .

Northeast CMC JOIST & DECK