Manufacturing Project – Ezeflow

Manufacturing Project
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Ezeflow – Flowline

Mobilis Performa

During the past years, Ezeflow has recorded sustained growth coming in the most part from new market niches and the international markets. To satisfy the new demand for our products, we rolled out several initiatives including the significant expansion of our facilities, major investments in our equipment, and the redesigning of our workflows around the concept of production cells.
Operations wise, the growing number of orders we received raised several coordination issues, mainly due to our delivery lead time-based business strategy.

Despite intense training efforts, our supervisors and team leaders were still acting more like technical experts than like the leaders we needed them to be. What’s more, we were still missing proper succession solutions for key supervisor positions.

This is when we called upon Mobilis Performa to get some help. Their approach allowed us to quickly adapt our culture, structure and management systems. The complementarity of their counselors enabled the sustained development of our managers’ competencies, in many different ways.

André, for example, quickly gained our coordinators’ and foremen’s confidence by sharing his rich knowledge of industrial production, as well as his personal approach combining patience and resilience. He guided our plant manager and his team to help them optimize our management systems, clarify expectations and strengthen our communications.

Michel, a coach and trainer, brought our Production, Quality, Maintenance and Logistics managers to better understand the importance of their own leadership. He helped them acquire the new behaviours they needed to become more efficient leaders. These new management abilities helped our executives better understand each context and organizational issue, so they can act accordingly.

And all through the project, Pierre allowed our leadership team to stay true to our objectives by asking the right questions and rolling up important issues. His interventions brought us to modify our management approach and internal communications strategies.

From a financial standpoint, Mobilis Performa’s interventions generated a 20% increase in our productivity, and a 300% return on our investment. And as of today, their influence on our internal culture is still obvious in terms of productivity, quality and engagement towards continuous improvement and innovation from our management team.

The next time our company faces new organizational challenges, it is without any hesitation that I will call upon Mobilis Performa again. Their team succeeded where many others failed, which is why I would strongly recommend their services to any company facing similar issues.

Sincerely yours,

Jacques Latendresse