Banking Project – Caisse Desjardins

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Caisse Desjardins de Saint-Eustache–Deux-Montagnes

Mobilis Performa

From time to time, every organization needs to rethink the way it does what it does. At Caisse populaire Desjardins de Saint-Eustache-Deux-Montagnes, that time came in 2004 when we found that, in order to achieve growth, we needed to ensure better tracking of our activities and optimize the use of our resources. Which is why we chose to team-up with Mobilis Performa, whose integrated approach was clearly the one best suited to our reality.

Very early, at the diagnostic stage, Mobilis managed to show a link between our need for more convergent business processes and the development of new managerial skills. Their approach proved to be more developmental than threatening. Mobilis’s team quickly adapted to our culture and managed to create a sound dynamic within our teams. They guided us into action from the very beginning of our agreement, and then made sure to keep track of our mastering of the new practices they had implemented.

A thorough assessment of our results showed that the most flagrant improvements came from the performance and quality of our services. The rate of « very satisfied » customers went up considerably after Mobilis’s interventions, while our teams’ and management’s scorecards allowed us to stay focused on priorities.

But for me, the most significant outcome of our project with Mobilis was the improvement of our organizational dynamics. Every single day, my position allows me to ascertain, although not scientifically, the improved quality of our teams’ work and of our referencing, which are at the heart of our growth strategy.

Still today, the effects of the coaching project with Mobilis continue to benefit our organization, mainly because our own people WANT to stay at the top of our field. Our team dynamics never ceased to evolve after the project, and we are now much better at integrating new tools and processes.

Our new ability to mobilize our collaborators to improve our services and practices is, without a doubt, among the most sustainable and important outcomes of the coaching project we did with Mobilis.

I want to thank Mobilis Performa for giving us what no other firm could offer: a project that took our organization’s human side into account, and a thorough tracking of our new skills after the project was complete.

Richard Tassé

General Manager