Sales Project

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Over 20% Increase in Sales – 19% Net Profit Margin

Over 300% Return on investment

“It became evident that if we were to achieve the next level of growth, we would need some input from an expert in the field of management.  We contracted with Mobilis Performa to evaluate our business model and provide training for our people.  What a great experience ……… a real “eye opener!”

Vice President Sales

 Main opportunities identified

  • Weak of sales and marketing strategy
  • VP sales and project management new in the role
  • Roles and resonsibilities of satellite offices and employees poorly defined
  • Low percentage of time allocated to active selling
  • Little interactions and relationship building with customers
  • Substandard coordination in the supply chain
  • Project management systems inefficient
  • Lack of customer need knowledge
  • Individual objective details inexistant
  • Company president nearing retirement and personal transition in progress
  • No sales performance indicator in place
  • Deficient coaching and management practices of sales team and project managers

Main solutions implemented

  • Market study and benchmark of products and services against competitors’ (training/coaching)
  • Introduction of a market study methodology
  • Implementation of a Sales dashboard
  • Set up of a proactive sales approach towards prospects
  • President transitioning towards clear new role (Executive coaching)
  • Development of a clear vision and an engaging strategy (Organizational coaching)
  • Set up of a coaching and feedback process for employees (training)

Industry: Steel structures

Location : South carolina, USA

Scope :

Project management



Objectives :

Increase in sales: +10%

Net profit margin: 15%

 Results achieved :

Increase in sales: +20%

Net profit margin: 19%

Return on investment : 300%+

The company increased its sales books by more than 20% with the contribution margin of new sales close to 20%.

The company moved from the last position in terms of financial performance to second in the entire group in less than 12 months.

The company successfully transitionned its president into a new market development position that provided him with renewed challenges.

A new structure lead  by a General Manager and a Vice President Sales has been implemented to manage daily operations.

 "Merci à toute l’équipe de Mobilis pour avoir su mettre en évidence les forces de notre équipe et nous avoir mobilisés vers la croissance et la réussite!"

~Vice President - Sales
Vice-président ventes.