Engineering Project

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Improved Management Skills and Customer’s Service

“We have changed from an organization that was not standardize in our management practice and tools to monitor and improve to a culture that is consistent in our daily routines that will allow us to continue to grow and improve. This was truly a great experience and one that I have learnt from and will share with others.”

Area Engineering Manager

Main opportunities identified

  • Recent acquisition made by the Corporation- cultural differences
  • Preventing smooth integration and synergies.
  • Each office used their own process.
  • Each office used different systems.
  • No estimating rules and lack of key indicators.
  • Backlog not calculated the same way throughout all offices.
  • No formal planning or review meeting.
  • Lack of communication with sales and within Engineering.
  • No quality system in place impacting Customer Service.
  • Poor management skills.
  • No expectations, objectives nor performance measurements defined.
  • Issues between Sales, Engineering and Production.
  • Scheduling and workload issues.

Main solutions implemented

  • Creation of a Quality Backlog Manager position and associated processes to monitor workloads and progress towards Customer’s schedule. (training & coaching)
  • Implementation of a streamlined and standardized Engineering Process. (Lean manufacturing principles, training coaching & mentoring)
  • Managers and Assistant-managers’ training & coaching. (managerial competences)
  • Clarification of roles and responsibility. training & coaching)
  • Implementation of a continuous improvement process. (training, mentoring, coaching)
  • Implementation of estimating rules. (training & coaching)
  • Implementation of a communication and feedback process.
  • Implementation of a Quality system to improve Customer Service. (training & coaching)

Industry: Steel decks

Location :New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois (USA)

Scope :

Standardize Engineering Process, systems & management practices,
Planning & Scheduling
Management System
Customer Service



Objectives : Change culture Improve Customer's Service
Results achieved : Standardize Engineering process Improved Management skills within six offices through five states
Managers and assistant-managers are now leading; they are managing their backlog, monitoring their progress and consistently meeting customer's schedule..
They improved their Customer Service using a quality system to effectively avoid errors.
Through daily communication and teamwork across all offices, issues are identified and resolved.
At the end of the project, the head office decided to spread the new processes and tools throughout all other engineering divisions across USA (roughly 15 more Engineering offices).
" If we had done this project by ourselves it would have taken us over three years what took eight months to achieve. Outstanding ..."

~Director of Engineering
Directeur de l’ingénierie.