Manufacturing Project

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Over 20% Increase in Productivity

Over 300% ROI

 ”From a financial standpoint, Mobilis Performa’s interventions generated a 20% increase in our productivity, and a 300% return on our investment. And as of today, their influence on our internal culture is still obvious in terms of productivity, quality and engagement towards continuous improvement and innovation from our management team.”


Main opportunities identified

  • Corporate culture issues
  • Inappropriate organizational structure
  • Roles and responsibilities were not clearly defined
  • Insufficient management skills
  • Planning and scheduling were unstructured
  • Lack of communication between sales, quality, planning and production departments
  • Absence of measurement system and lack of production quality control
  • High level of non-compliance requiring corrections / rework
  • Limited communication with employees in terms of expectations and feedback
  • Interdependence of manufacturing cells
  • Need a management system for urgent orders
  • Poor logistics in manufacturing process
  • Non-compliance with 5S program previously implemented

Main solutions implemented

  • Adjustments to the corporate culture (coaching)
  • Changes to the organizational structure (coaching)
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities at all levels (training/coaching)
  • Development of management skills (training/coaching))
  • Implementation of a Lean approach including (training/coaching)
  • Logistics adjustments (production flow ) (coaching)
  • Implementation of management systems: production, quality and maintenance (development, mentoring, coaching)
  • Implementation of quality standards (development, mentoring, coaching)
  • Implementation of a continuous improvement process
  • Implementation of a process of communication and feedback to employees
  • Introduction of coaching in leadership style
  • Compliance to 5S program

Industry: Fittings

Location : Province of Quebec, Canada

Project Scope :

organizational Structure
Planning and Scheduling
Production Management
Maintenance Management
Quality Control
Quality Management



20% increase in productivity

Culture Change


Productivity Improvement: over 20%

Return on investment: over 300%

Acquisition of new managerial skills in behavior management

Reducing the impact of the recession

Easier to cope with fluctuations in economic cycles

The management team took ownership of the planning, scheduling, and management of production within an organizational structure that enables the setting of clear expectations, the monitoring of progress in the daily plan, and the pursuit of opportunities on a daily basis.
Reducing the number of management interventions through strengthening good behavior and managerial skills.
Improved customer service as a result of the decrease in non-compliance and rework, improved quality and increased on-time delivery.
"The next time our company faces new organizational challenges, it is without any hesitation that I will call upon Mobilis Performa again. Their team succeeded where many others failed, which is why I would strongly recommend their services to any company facing similar issues."