Why You Should Enroll With Us

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You Should Enroll With Us Because…

1) Leadership is our obsession.

Whether we’re supporting leaders who want to lead in a more coach-like way or coaches who want to coach leaders, leadership is what we live and breathe. And coaching is our transformative tool.

 2) We take a real-world approach.

In our method, the work in the classroom and feedback in the moment are key. We don’t role play because we’ve found leaders want to discuss real situations and issues. Naturally, there’s a solid reading list to complement this real-time learning.

 3) We help coaches navigate the complexity of leadership coaching.

Coaches who work with leaders must take into account numerous issues, from the organization’s mission and business environment to the leader’s performance, career, and personal objectives—to name only a few. To acquire the skill to navigate it all requires seasoned, talented coach-trainers.

 4) Your ROI is assured.

Coaching outcomes are measurable. We’ll help you set up the ROI metrics for how your coaching investment is paying off.

 5) All faculty are internationally accredited coaches.

Before they were professional coaches, our faculty were professional managers with significant experience in the business trenches. Our coaches and program content are both accredited by the rigorous International Coach Federation (ICF).


As consultants in business performance, the Mobilis Performa team employs leadership coaching as one of its key transformational tools. Combining coaching with consulting and training, our team’s unique approach changes organizational behavior to optimize operational and financial performance.

The power and effectiveness of leadership coaching persuaded us to bring one of the world’s finest leadership coaching programs to North America by partnering with the Forton Group’s “Professional Leadership Coach Training Program.”

The Forton Group is a specialist leadership development company, providing consulting, research, coaching, and coaching skills training services. The firm serves people who want to improve the way they lead and manage, coaches, and professionals who support others to lead, achieve, and succeed.

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