Organizational Diagnostic

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Our Check-up Says a Lot—About You and Us

“Houston, we have a problem.”
–Jim Lovell, Apollo 13

Where does it hurt?

Why is your business ailing? What’s it costing you, both financially and as an organization? How can we improve performance in a sustainable, long-term way?

The power of our organizational diagnostic is this: We answer all these questions while also offering you and your people the opportunity to experience our unique, participative approach to attaining lasting results.

Continuous improvement starts with a walk around

In diagnosing your organization, we use the same approach we employ in our mandates. While analysing your processes with your people, from top managers to frontline supervisors, we ask questions that engage your staff in an active, informative dialogue. Using tools customized for your unique workplace, we work intensely to:

  •  Identify the causal links between current performance and your management practices
  •  Quantify the financial cost of these practices
  • Observe the impact of these practices on employee engagement and the corporate culture
  • Evaluate the precision of key performance indicators, tools, and management systems
  • Define your needs for the development of management skills and techniques
  • Calculate the financial value of the opportunities to improve performance

Then in the same participative spirit of our diagnostic, we present our precise plan of recommended actions, a timeline, and the ROI you’ll earn on our mandate.