Active Supervision

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Improve Performance Through Active Supervision

Are your supervisors pushing paper rather than acting as catalysts for improved performance? To get an idea, ask yourself these questions:

Are our supervisors:

  • Rarely initiating problem-solving “on the floor” and not following up on employee expectations they create?
  • Investing little time in the coaching and on-the-job training that increases our people’s performance and growth?
  • Stretching the time they spend in meetings, reporting, and other administrative duties?
  • Walking in the dark regarding what is expected of them and what active supervision is about?

How active supervision and mobilization are linked

A “yes” to any of these questions means your supervisors—as dedicated as they may be—are working in a relatively passive way and interacting little with their people.

Consequently, your supervisors cannot spot variances in performance, initiate problem-solving, and set up new tools and systems. So your company can’t foster a continuous improvement mindset, and you can’t mobilize your people to fulfill corporate objectives.

Training and coaching supervisors to become agents of change

Inspired in part by some of Gemba’s in-the-workplace concepts regarding active supervision, we assess how active your supervisors are in the way they spend their day. Then addressing the gaps we observed, we coach and train your supervisors at any level in the hierarchy so they become effective, active leaders in three key areas:

1. Planning, measuring, and observing the actions that specific supervisor is responsible for in meeting the company’s goals

2. Ensuring an alert, consistent presence in the physical workplace or the place where value is added, so as to observe actively and constructively what is going on

3. Interacting with the workers to share information, give constructive feedback, initiate problem-solving, and so on.

To ensure that your supervisors adopt the new behaviors of active supervision that help produce sustainable improved results, our distinctive training, coaching, and support approach:

  • Customizes our strongly interactive workshops to the specific needs of your supervisors
  • Accompanies your people in the workplace to provide support and coaching as they practice their new behaviors
  • Measures their progress with our customized tools