Management System

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Is your management system helping you manage?

Your company’s management system may be the world’s most sophisticated ERP and intranet platform. Or your system may simply combine Post-it® notes and a whiteboard. Perhaps your people would be surprised to learn you have a system.

Whatever the level of formality in your management system, your people may still be making decisions in the dark because your performance indicators are:

  • Inappropriate for the person using them
  • Not measuring the right things
  • Invisible because they’re hidden in a silo
  • Baffling your people, who don’t know what to do with the information

No pre-packaged, “plug and play” management system

At Mobilis Performa, we don’t believe our job is to impose a new management system. We simply want to help you improve your use of the one you have.

During our organizational diagnostic, we learn about your current management system and evaluate how it works in operations, decision-making, and communication.

Then in collaboration with your people, we use our consulting, coaching, and training expertise to fine-tune your system and how your people use it. If needed, we’ll customize some of our own tools so they fit with your workplace, and integrate them into your management system.

Now your management system helps improve performance

After our collaboration is over, you’ll find your management system helps your people to:

  • Take quicker, more proactive action because they now have greater visibility into performance through leading indicators that reveal nascent trends. Thus, they foresee consequences better and can make more timely adjustments
  • Solve problems and make good decisions based on a clear vision of company objectives
  • Continue contributing to long-lasting results because they feel they “own” the management system