Going Lean our Way

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How We Help You Go Lean, the Mobilis Performa Way

You  are going to transform your organization into a lean enterprise, with our help. Here’s how.

1. Go lean in every department. Read more

2. Your people are essential in our approach to improving performance. Read more

3. What to expect on our road to lean. Read more

1. Go lean in every department.

Whether it’s in management, operations, sales, services, or all of the above, our approach will transform your managers into inspiring leader-coaches capable of engaging and mobilizing your people to eliminate waste, reduce cost, innovate, and improve performance.

After we leave, your people will carry out new projects from a new perspective and culture, which they own due to their sweat and belief. As a result, they become ambassadors and agents for change. Best of all, your improved results will be sustainable over the long term because your performance is based on the most solid of foundations—your people’s lean-inspired behavior.

2. Your people are essential in our approach to improving performance.

To get these lean-driven outcomes, we focus our efforts in a balanced way on fostering new behaviors in your people and improving your systems.

This balanced approach is customized to what your organization specifically needs to become a continuously improving enterprise.

As a result, we help your people to see, think, and act differently so that they will be more effective at finding solutions on their own.

3. What to expect on our road to lean

“Lean is about learning. You have to get people to stop and think.”
John Shook
Chairman and CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute

To get a visual understanding of how we help you transform your firm into a lean enterprise, let’s review our model.

a) We help you reflect on your culture and coach new behaviors

Remember, nothing changes unless behavior changes.

So the understanding of your corporate culture is a fundamentally integrated component of our model. In other words, what do your leaders and people believe and value and how do they behave?

We help you take an objective look at your approach to responsibility, respect for others, ways of doing, openness to challenge, and your support of each other on the job. Simultaneously, we coach, and train for, optimal behaviors.

 b) We analyze and remedy potential gaps in management systems, business process and performance improvement tools.

To improve your systems, we take the tools and knowledge you already have and fuse them with some of our tools and systems so everything is perfectly adapted to your unique workplace.

c) We evaluate and develop your leadership skills.

Once your people are beginning to think and act from a new perspective, we address issues you may have in leadership development.

d) Your results improve. Sustainably.

Once your culture and leadership have evolved and process improvements have taken effect, your productivity, quality, sustainable development, and delivery will attain or surpass the objectives we had agreed to. Often, our mandate becomes profitable for you even before we’ve finished our work.